by Chaos Enshrined

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released May 9, 2012



all rights reserved


Chaos Enshrined Πάτρα, Greece

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Track Name: Thy Flesh, Thy Cage
Trying to balance what seems to be the cause,
what seems to matter.

Freaked by these cages surrounding me,
I can't escape, it's not easy to leave the path.
Lost in this forest of skeleton trees,
many of which should be cut,
for they house maimed, atrophic minds.

This cage is getting smaller embracing the night
but it's silent there, behind the masks, the fake smiles
in this cage you can't escape, inside those walls of flesh..

Wise is the new-born child for it cries,
it cries when it's eyes open and witness it's life-bound cage.
When they open and face the forest.
Wise is he who leaves the path not in cowardness but in search,
away from the prison..

And we still stay here, even though feeling bound,
in this cage we cant escape, inside those walls of flesh.

So I lay down by the side of this cut,
ripped off skeleton tree
trying to find a moment of thought,
an equilibrium in this land of...
Track Name: Shadow of Existence
Black smoke rises,
a faint shadow of existence.
Vanishing in eternity
as a token of nothingness

And you let the raging water pass
to create like a god.
And you value the majestic trees
just to drag them out of the abyss.

My matter is a shadow,
my soul a reflection,
my mind...

Thus I create, like a sculptor.
With my conscious observation
I breathe life to these primordial
shadows of existence.

I reign in a realm of superposition,
out of space,out of time
I am All, I am Eternal, I am God.

Thus I create, like a sculptor.
With my conscious recognition
I breathe life to these primordial
shadow of existence.

You climb up the mountains for a higher state,
you ascend to the ridge to see
that your world is but a shadow.
Even that mountaintop is just a fucking shadow...
Track Name: Jiggling Arm Fat
A slow descend to this unknown land,
your former glory lost,
as is your knowledge of this unraveling world.

Your egoistic nature is driven by sorrow,by guilt,
your only concern is to be one with your beloved christ.

Trapped in a time of power, a time of glory.
Living your own hell on earth,
awaiting for oblivion to end this inner battle.

Your egoistic nature is driven by sorrow,by guilt
your only comfort is to be redeemed by your beloved christ.

You blindly follow these masked preachers of light.
You speak of love and solidarity, yet not all are worthy of your kindness.
So your attempt to reach your god is just a smouldered conflict.
Your carved mind pulls you back to where you always stood,
in a twilight of morality.

You're such a beauty...
Track Name: In Sync (Nightjar)
Asphyxiating truth
that spits on hopes and preachings.
You, veiled mother
of enlightenment and chaos.

I have come to thy realization,
yet now that my thread is to be cut
your cynical nature divides me.

Like the wise whale,
about to dive to the abyss
after a deep breath,
I just hope I have used my time.

A last gasp, pathetic,
ignorant in it's smothering despair.
The haunting key to the nightjar's gate.

Warbler gods guide me home,
to the womb of oblivion.
The eternal abyss
of nothing and all.

You placed your stone on the great wall.
No more dreams for you, some tears, perhaps
but in the end you wither alone...